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I pray to get a husband like my step-dad, Hamisa Mobetto says

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Hamisa Mobetto has opened up about the type of man she has always dreamt of growing old with. According to the mother of two, there are qualities that she can never overlook when deciding whom to settle down with.

The 26-year-old model said that she prays to have a man who possesses the same qualities as her late step-dad. Speaking about her expectations, Hamisa revealed that her step-dad was always kind and loving to her.

“I was brought up by my step-dad. If I was ever asked to gift someone, I would gift him because not even once did he ever discriminate against me. I always pray that if I ever get a husband, I get one like my step-dad. Someone who would love my kids without discrimination,” said Hamisa.

She further revealed that she remains hopeful that sooner or later her prayers will be answered because good men still exist.

“He made sure I got educated and not once did I ever feel different. He is the best and I believe good men still exist,” she added.

Losing dad

Hamisa lost her biological father’s dad back in 2009 just after they tried to mend their relationship after meeting for the first time in 2007. Sharing this with Tanzania´s Classic FM, she added that her parents did not separate amicably.

“I was born in Mwanza but after my parents separated, we went to live with my grandmother elsewhere,” she said.

“In 2007, is when I met my dad for the first time. We had gone for Christmas shopping and I was to get a dress. After going round in the first shop, we heard someone calling after my mum. On turning back, we came face-to-face with my dad. The shop where I had seen the dress I liked was his…”

Hamisa Mobetto.

The first impression was not what she had looked forward to. Hamisa confessed that she was disappointed but nevertheless, she was glad to have met her biological father.

“I was very disappointed because I had played the scene on how the meeting with dad would be. I thought it would be like a scene from a movie but it was not. I just greeted him casually and he asked me to kneel down and greet him. He looked so much like me and he was so happy to see me,” she said.

Hamisa gained fame from her modeling and vixen roles. Her reputation grew even more when she featured in Diamond’s song “Salome”.  It then later emerged that the two were in a relationship and even welcomed a son before calling it quits. However, there have been stories that the two might have rekindled their old flame.

In June last year, the singer cum entrepreneur declared that she had washed her hands off men two months after breaking up with an American she featured in her hit song ‘Tunaendana’.


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