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Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo stuck in Ivory Coast, denies he’s gone broke

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Ugandan singer Edirisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo has clarified that he has is not broke as his earlier social media post on running out of cash may have suggested.

Kenzo, who is currently stuck in Ivory Coast following international lockdown and closure of airports, clarified that he was joking when he shared that he was in a “worrying state” in West Africa and needed cash wired to him.

Kenzo, instead said the statement was taken out of context and apologized for inconveniencing his fans and family.

In the post, Kenzo had pleaded for cash saying he would hand his newly acquired set of wheels, a land cruiser V8, in exchange for the unspecified amount.

“I was watching the president adding more 21 days of which it helps the country but I need someone to send me money by Western Union in exchange for my car. Otherwise, my situation is worrying,” he tweeted.

Following concerns from his family and fans, the Sitya Loss singer now claims that his situation is not as dire as he may have insinuated.

“It was just comedy,” said the 31-year old singer who once bragged that he could live happily without working for ten years.

According to Kenzo, his post was inspired by Ugandans on social media who have been calling for a batter trade of posho (Ugandan delicacy) and TV sets to survive hunger during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I was joking, but people took the joke so seriously because I used a sad picture. I am not sad. As you can see these other pictures below, I took yesterday I’m not happy to be on foreign land and I spend a lot but still can solicit money through Facebook. I am not doing that bad. I am sorry for those this joke might have inconvenienced,” he added.

Earlier on, Kenzo had shared with his fans that he cannot survive in Ivory Coast for long, “These people eat things I have never seen before. I have a sensitive stomach and the food here is not my type.”

Appearing on NBS Kenzo revealed that he is surviving on a rationed supply which he claimed will soon deplete if the situation persists.

“I only survive on Ugandan foods and I am just lucky that there is a lady here who cooks for me,” he said.

Arguably one of the most successful artistes in Uganda, Kenzo is said to own a fleet of cars, a number of investments, but his expenditure is also large. He takes care of over 40 children under his foundation.

Last month, Kenzo was set to stage a music festival; the first of its kind in Uganda only for it to be cancelled due to coronavirus.


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