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Yvonne Okwara tears into Governor Mutua’s white house office

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Citizen TV anchor Yvonne Okwara poked holes at Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s Ksh 200 million ‘white house’ office after the governor defended his decision to construct the two-storey building.

On Thursday, May 7, while giving her kicker on the News Gang show, Okwara wondered how the building would aid the residents of Machakos and the future generation.

The pundit focused her argument on which legacy Mutua would leave by building the posh office, which the governor explained cost Ksh200 million and not Ksh350 million as alleged. 

“Mutua considers building the office as his legacy. Having an office is important, a decent office even more important. But I wonder if this was the most urgent need for this county. 

“For the last seven years or so, where has he been operating from? A tree? A hole in the ground? The streets maybe? Was this the one thing that the people of Machakos desperately needed at this point in time at this financial year?” Okwara questioned.

She went on to argue that Mutua should have considered other critical issues facing Machakos County residents, before constructing the office, which would have been his last priority.

“Of all the things the people of Machakos really need are water, access to food, quality and affordable healthcare, opportunities for young people, roads and farming implements to increase agriculture and food capacity.

“Have all these expectations been met or surpassed so much that the governor decides to splash a few millions lying idle in the bank on such an office for the governor?

“Would a big bright, white, shiny set of rooms be a contribution to future generations? Would it count as a legacy to the very young and developing power, resources to the people in the grassroots? Does it protect devolution?” Okwara asked.

Mutua, while launching the office, stated that he had chosen to construct the office instead of a governor’s mansion. 

“We must set structures and build physical entities which ensure development is achieved. I have chosen not to build a palatial home for a governor like other counties because I don’t think it is right for a governor to have a house built by the state.

“This is an office for the public. It’s not about me but about the children who are not born today. I hope others understand that as leaders we have to do things that have a vision, we can’t just see up to our noses, we have to look beyond today,” Mutua defended. 

Mutua has also revealed plans to construct an international airport in Machakos valued at Ksh250 million.


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