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Police bury Abbeny Jachiga in the dead of night

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Celebrated ohangla musician Bernard Onyango Obonyo, popularly known as Abenny Jachiga, was laid to rest in the dead of night. 

Jachiga, who died on Thursday, was buried by police officers at around 2 am Saturday. only his younger brother Austin Omondi was allowed to witness the burial. 

Chaos erupted Friday as hundreds of mourners threw stones at police and managed to stop Jachiga’s burial. The mourners wanted to view the body and “pay their last respects” before the musician was laid to rest. 

They removed the casket from the grave after police lowered it. After removing the casket from the grave, they walked with it around the village before taking it to the nearest mortuary for preservation

At around 1.40 am Saturday police removed the body from the morgue and took it to the musician’s home, where they buried him under the cover of darkness. 


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