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Betty Kyallo narrates accident that left her with a broken jaw, scarred a face

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Media personality Betty Kyallo recently opened up on a horrifying accident that left her with major injuries including a broken jaw, ribs and a permanent neck scar.

Speaking on her YouTube feed, the mother of one explained that she was on her way to a date on that dreadful day when she was run over by a fast-moving bus.

“This scar I got it when I was in form three. So what happened is I was walking in town around Railways, I was going for a date and was hit by a matatu. I think it was from Buruburu or something. So it came at a high speed and found me on the pavement, just crossed and it hit me. I was thrown under it, still moving.

“It moved with my face. I was sleeping like this (showing the left side of her face) and my blouse was hooked by metal under it. Imagine it peeled off all this skin (touching her face), all of it was gone,” she began by saying.

What started as a day out for Betty and her date quickly turned dreadful as the former K24 anchor sustained serious injuries as a result of the drag.

“Imagine my jaw broke and that’s why sometimes when I smile… look look, it’s like my smile is going to the left and there are people on Instagram who are always telling me about it, it’s not good.  So as you can see my jaw broke so it affected a bit of my smile.

“Then I broke my ribs, I broke this (pointing to her clavicle), I had a metal here but it was removed. My back got injured, I broke my legs… not really broke them, I can’t remember the term they used. I couldn’t walk for some time.  Also apart from that my lungs were affected, both lungs actually,” she continued.

Recovery and acceptance

The Flair by Betty CEO had to undergo seven surgeries to get herself back together and even after the procedures, Betty says she was insecure about her scars and did her best to hide them

“I went through a total of seven surgeries to get myself back together but I thank God. Every time is see this scar, it reminds me that I defeated something you know. You know I used to be very ashamed of it. It used to be like… when I’m walking in town, of course, those days I was younger, I used to have a scarf. I would never leave the house without a scarf.

“One to cover my face scar and another for my shoulders or I’d wear a pull-neck in the hot sun around Railways on our way to Rongai with my mom. Even with the heat, I’d still wear the pull-neck because I was so embarrassed about the scar, I hated it.”

The turning point was when she realized she had a second chance to live, and from then on, made a conscious decision to embrace her scars.

“But you know after some time, I think sometimes you grow, I was like, wait a minute. Here I am I’m embarrassed about this scar yet its God that is helping me and I’m still having my life…. I’m alive, so what is a scar?

“We all have scars, some have internal ones in their hearts and there are the outward ones. Don’t feel ashamed, you survived something. A scar means you survived. Me I survived, I would have died, I wouldn’t be here today. But look, it’s just a scar, I’m like whatever, It is what it is,” said Betty.


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