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Out of work & how to report back effectively

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Get it right with Atarah Solutions – Every Tuesday 8pm – 9pm EAT, Live on Facebook & YouTube

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When you leave your work to go focus on something and go back.

Maybe it was a sickness, a job loss, a long personal break or whatever it is that got you out of your daily job.

You have a reason to go back to basics and raise again to the top of the game. You can always come out better than before.

Get it right with Atarah Solutions has packaged an amazing solution based program which will go deeper to impact you with the power you need just before you go back to work.

The program runs every Tuesday at 8pm to 9pm EAT. This weeks topics was fitted with information set to help someone who has been off work for long and everyone else who might find themselves out of work for a long time.

Follow the link bellow to watch on Facebook.

It is important to know what to do just before going back to work after a long break.

The experts have it that your body takes 21 days to adopt to a habit. Anything you do for 21 days will subconsciously register as normal way of life to your body system.

Have you had to take a break from employment to deal with a certain issue? Have you taken a break to raise your family? Have you taken a break to breath and think? Have you lost your job and have not gotten another in months that have turned into years? Join us on Tuesday 18th from 8pm to 9pm on zoom as we share the how and also answer your questions. Please register in advance through this link and see you then!


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