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Dangers of corruption, drought and harsh economic times amidst covid 19 season

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As written by GerohPaul

According to oxford dictionary, Corruption means Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

Example in a sentence: – “the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places has begun his journey today”

Do you really think corruption is a bad thing? our reporter @GerohPaul asked one Kenyan known as Jane Muriuki.

Her answer was “It is bad to the country and it is “good” for the corrupt individual. It helps the corrupt person to get what they want quickly and easily” end of quote.

In support and appreciation of world bank’s efforts to enhance Government’s effectiveness and transparency in the fight against corruption in the world. on #UnitedAgaistCorruption

It is wise to note that, the innocent (helpless) get unfair treat whenever corruption happens.

According to those who benefits, corruption is a fine deal, according to everyone else, and the law as well, corruption is a crime and a deadly cancer to the national development and the whole countries’ economy.

A boy looks at a flock of dead goats in a dry land close to Dhahar in Puntland, northeastern Somalia, on December 15, 2016. Drought in the region has severely affected livestock for local herdsmen. / AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB

There has been a dry economic season which has come to the world as a results of the scary global pandemic Covid -19 accompanied by tough environmental conditions causing drought in several parts of the world.

In the wake of the fear brought by the pandemic, Covid-19 has been the most popular topics in the world since the year 2020 – 2021 and the most searched topic in google up to date 2nd June 2021.

Even now, millions of people in the world are talking about Covid 19.

Good thing is that, during the pandemic, many other people have been talking about God and turned to be prayerful at the same time.


What happens when corruption meets the deadly pandemic and they work together with other calamities like drought and floods to hit the human race?

It is scary to imagine that the world can wake up to a loss of 4000 people within 24hrs like it happened in Brazil on 7th April 2021?

See report on BBC;-
4000 deaths reported daily in Brazil, over Covid-19 pandemic.

Time runs fast, and once dead, there is no return. President Uhuru Kenyatta has played a major role to eliminate corruption in Kenya and Kenyans are positive that the war on corruption is getting tougher as days go by.

In a nutshell, with corruption in the midst of the pandemic, the human race has a reason to be scared – think again!

Late last year, The New Humanitarian began Drought Diaries, an award-winning series tracking how climate-linked food price rises affected six families in three countries – Kenya, Somalia, and Zimbabwe.

You can read details here;-

Today the world has lost millions of people to the pandemic and once you go, there is no coming back.

Who will take care of our land if everyone is dead? in the first place how will it even be our land if we are not around?

Africa has a reason to raise up and go back to the farm and produce its richness. But first, let us take our position in eliminating corruption and also take care of ourselves against the deadly corona virus.

In appreciation of artists efforts to spread the word against Covid -19 Pandemic, recognising medical practitioners dedication in protecting the planet against the deadly Coronavirus.

Note that – “The world needs you while you are still alive”

The first thing to kill is corruption and the second one is the global pandemic.

For whatever reason, these two things are so scary to the human existence that most people have lost hope for tomorrow.

Family mourn death of their loved ones in Brazil where 4000 deaths were reported daily in From April 7th 2021

But the good news is that, there is still a great atmosphere of love, faith and hope for a better tomorrow across the world.

In conclusion,

Corruption, as defined by the World Bank, is a form of dishonesty or criminal offence undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one’s private gain.

Drought situation in Northern Kenya amidst Covid-19 pandemic

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