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New Twist as Autopsy of Two Babies ‘Killed’ by Doctor Inconclusive

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An autopsy report conducted at the Nakuru Municipal mortuary to ascertain the cause of death of two babies, who were reported to have died in the hands of their father, have been declared inconclusive. 

The postmortem report created a new twist in the case where the father, a medical doctor, was taken in for questioning over the death of the two kids, aged five and three. The father was accused of injecting the babies with a chemical, prior to attempting suicide. 

Speaking to journalists at the morgue, Nakuru West DCIO, Stephen Ambani, stated that the postmortem could not reveal the cause of death of the duo.

“We have engaged a pathologist for purposes of identifying the cause of the death. We haven’t been able to pinpoint the actual cause. Samples have been collected from the two bodies for toxicology investigations.”

“There were no physical injuries on the bodies of the two children. It is not yet clear how the doctor administered the chemicals. We shall have the process expedited so as to assist the family, which has been greatly shocked by the incident,” the detective stated. 

His statement contradicted that of Nakuru County Police Commander, Beatrice Kiraguri, who had stated: “In the girl’s bedroom, there was a sharpened knife indicating that if they didn’t die from the drugs he could have killed them using the knife.” 

Ambani added that a government chemist would analyse the samples, compare them with those collected at the crime scene and issue a conclusive report. 

Neighbours told the local dailies that the doctor, the two kids and the house help, left their Milimani estate house on Saturday morning, September 18. In the evening, the medical practitioner returned with the two babies without the nanny. 

The wife, who is also a nurse, was reported to have travelled to Nairobi. It was alleged that she was finalising her itinerary as she had planned to travel abroad for further studies.  

Her decision was reported to have been the cause of the altercation which led to the mysterious death of the two kids and the subsequent suicide attempt by their father, who opposed the wife’s plans. 

Other reports alleged that the case was aligned with a DNA report on the two kids secretly conducted by the doctor. However, the doctor’s acquaintances refuted the reports. 

“The first wife deserted him and the second wife was planning to relocate to the USA next month (October). About the DNA test, they had not done any or even spoken on the same although the guy suspected the wife might have cheated,” the source told on condition of anonymity. 

He added that the doctor was always jovial towards clients and was an outgoing person. 

Nakuru County Police Commander, Beatrice Kiraguri, also denied commenting on the paternity test allegations. “I have no information concerning wife travelling abroad neither of DNA issue. Thanks.” 

The wife was reportedly admitted to a Nakuru hospital after she suffered shock and trauma after learning about the death of her two babies. 

“We are treating this matter with uttermost care so that the family, especially the mother of the children, can be able to come into terms with the death of her two children,” Nakuru West DCIO, Stephen Ambani, explained. 

The doctor was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital, under a heavy police guard. Police hope that he will record a statement once he recovers. 

“He remained unconscious until yesterday morning (Sunday, September 19). He confessed to us having administered the drugs to the children. Their bodies were taken to Nakuru Level Five Hospital mortuary,” Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri detailed.


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