May 29, 2022



Kabi & Milly WaJesus unveil 2nd pregnancy with huge billboard

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Renowned Kenyan YouTuber Peter Kabi Popularly known as Kabi WaJesus and his wife Milly WaJesus have announced that they are expecting baby number two into their family.

The award-winning couple made the announcement on Tuesday, via their popular YouTube Channel, The WaJesus Family.

Kabi and Milly unveiled the pregnancy in a unique way, after putting their family portrait on a huge billboard with a message that their family was expanding.

“The WaJesus family is growing. Another baby loading,” reads the message on the billboard.

Kabi followed the announcement with a detailed post on his feelings about the new baby.

“We wanted to let you know that we are pregnant. We are expecting our second baby and just thank God because he has been amazing. He has taken good care of us as the WaJesus family.

“And this means a lot to us and I thought which other way can I use and make sure we announce this to the world in the biggest way possible and I thought a billboard is perfect. Now you know the WaJesus family is growing, our second baby is coming and they are stars already because as you can see they are making billboards already,” added Kabi WaJesus.

During the unveiling, Kabi disclosed that they have been hiding the pregnancy from the public eye, but they feel it’s now the right time for fans to know that their family is expanding.

“I know you have been hiding, but it’s time to relax and be free,” said Kabi WaJesus.

Upon seeing their family portrait on a billboard, an emotional Milly could not hold back her tears.

“This is so beautiful, thank you my love. This is the best, I don’t even have words, because I never expected this. Can I be living here so that I can be watching it every day,” Milly said .

New Car and Billboard

On October 2, 2020, Milly WaJesus took the act of gifting a notch higher after getting her husband Kabi WaJesus a brand new Audi and their family portrait on a huge Billboard as a surprise birthday gift.

Kabi who was turning 30 years old, shared images of his birthday gift, confessing that his wife outdid herself in putting together the surprise. He added that it was the best birthday gift he as ever received in his life.


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