May 29, 2022



KFC lands in Kenya to discuss potato crisis after online uproar

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Negotiations are in top gear between the County Government of Nyandarua and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to explore ways through which the local franchise of the American fast-food chain will engage with farmers through cooperatives or organised youth groups to purchase their produce.

In a consultative forum held in Nairobi on Friday 21st of January 2022, His
Excellency Governor Francis Kimemia and KFC Chief Executive Officer Mr.
Jacques Theunissen agreed on a framework that will rope in farmers in the potato supply chain who will eventually benefit from KFC’s commitment to start purchasing pre-booked frozen potatoes locally by the end of this year.

This will be in strict compliance with the internationally set standards that will see the famed international franchise maintain its quality while farmers in Nyandarua improve on their potato farming and storage practices.

The County Government and KFC agreed to establish a joint technical committee to thrash out issues with the next engagement expected next Wednesday.

After the meeting, KFC committed to facilitate a meeting between potential
processors and Nyandarua Farmers with the aim of attaining the standards required.

The two parties agreed to the creation of strong linkages with our farmers in seed multiplication and high quality potatoes production not just for KFC but other diverse markets to ensure sustainability of the production.

Whilst 80 percent of products from KFC in Kenya are locally sourced, there still remains immense opportunities in the supply of processed potato opportunities which Nyandarua will grab both directly and indirectly as the county moves to also. establish high quality processors through the co-operatives.

Towards this end, the county has made great strides in supporting value addition in the potato sector by establishing a processing plant that will see the biggest percentage of our produce attain standards and have an edge in the highly competitive market.

Mr. Theunissen mentioned that about 80 percent of Kenya’s supplies come from local suppliers including chicken, vegetables, buns among others.
He noted that the retail chain is committed and continues to support employment of local people, especially the youth, who form the largest segment of its workforce.

On his part, Governor Kimemia reiterated his government’s commitment to continue supporting the cooperative movement in the county in order to create linkages to KFC and other markets.

“Through the Potato tissue culture project, it will be possible to rapidly multiply any seed variety required by the market. We are using the latest technology to produce quality seeds at our Oljororok seed multiplication unit,” the County Chief observed.

He noted the old storage plant at Olkalou is almost complete adding that farmers will be assisted with seed for processing variety during the coming long rain season in the hope that the produce will be in market by June.

The Governor added that his administration is in the process of assisting food processors in the county through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to expand facilities.

In addition, KFC said it was exploring the possibility of sourcing cheese from dairy players in Nyandarua.


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