Murgor to represent Wairimu who pleads not guilty

A High Court in Nairobi has okayed lawyer Philip Murgor to represent Sarah Wairimu, the widow accused of killing her 71-year-old Dutch husband Tob Cohen.

Murgor’s representation had been contested by the prosecution which argued he was still a public prosecutor.Led by lawyer Cliff Ombeta, the prosecution told the court that Murgor remained a public prosecutor since the gazette notice of his appointment had not been revoked even though he resigned.Senior assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Catherine Mwaniki also notified the court that they were still in the process of degazetting the appointment.

Justice Stella Mutuku today ruled that there was no dispute in Murgor’s resignation and no one could be forced to remain in office against their will.S

he added that lawyer Murgor had been attending to other court issues, including with the office of the DPP, and the resignation had not been contested.After the ruling, Sarah Wairimu finally took a plea in the murder case. Plea-taking had been deferred four times before.

She denied killing her husband Cohen, a former CEO of Philips Electronics East Africa.Wairimu was arrested on August 29 after the police picked and interrogated her for the third time over the disappearance of Cohen on July 19, 2019, from their Lower Kabete home in Nairobi.

Cohen’s body would later be found stashed in a septic tank at his home in Nairobi. It was wrapped in layers of clothing indicating the gruesome torture he underwent before his death.“He was bound (on) legs, hands, and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank.

They took their time,” DCI boss George Kinoti said during the September 13 discovery.

Weight loss: The new fasting craze and why it might be bad for you

Intermittent fasting is all the rage now — it involves the dieter going without food for long periods with the aim of losing unwanted weight fast.

A number of Kenyans, especially women, swear by the diet, and have flaunted their eye-popping results on social media after just a few weeks of starting the diet.

So popular is the regimen that several Facebook groups dedicated to it have been created, attracting thousands of followers.


Carolyne Muturi, who first tried the diet last year, says that she saw a dramatic change in her weight after just a few weeks. She was so pleased, she even documented her journey on her Facebook page, showing her before and after photos.

She would also post photos of her meals and give blow by blow accounts of all the things she had eaten and drank. In less than two months, Ms Muturi, who had been 99kg, had lost 17kg. She also incorporated a ketogenic diet, which involves one eating a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet.

To lose the weight, Ms Muturi would avoid meals for 23 hours, surviving on water and herbal teas before her next meal. When she would break her fast, she would eat high fat and protein meals with some vegetables. Her typical meals featured meats, eggs, salads made from raw vegetables, avocado and cucumber.

Despite the seemingly positive results in such a short time, the diet has some hidden dangers, especially to those who try it without proper guidance from a nutritionist.


Henry Ng’ethe, chairperson of the Nutritionists Association of Kenya, says one may not get all the nutrients they need due to intake of limited meals. This kind of dieting, he said, may affect fertility, making conception harder in future.

“Our bodies convert fats and proteins from the food we eat into hormones. You might want to conceive in the future and you find that there are some challenges, because the micronutrients needed for the process are not available,” he says.

Women who go on the fasting diet while breastfeeding also undermine their children’s health. “There are vitamins that you must take into your body every day, and if they are not provided, it might result in a certain deficiency,” Mr Ng’ethe warns. Lack of these nutrients in a growing baby’s diet could affect their brain development, leading to lower cognitive function.

Children get other micronutrients like zinc, selenium, sodium and potassium, to help them develop physically, from their mother’s milk, he explains.


“Mothers give their children what they eat through breastfeeding. If they are fasting, then the body starts breaking down fat which is used as energy. This fat is what goes to the child. Where will the children get the micronutrients? If you have a baby boy, and you lack selenium in your diet, it will affect his reproductive organs, for example,” Mr Ng’ethe cautions.

He blames the rise of fad diets to laziness and reluctance of Kenyans to seek expert opinion from professional nutritionists before they start on their weight-loss journey.

“Intermittent fasting is not the easiest way to lose weight. A nutritionist can draw up a plan and add a little bit of exercise and that can solve your problems,” he says.

He admits that some studies have shown that fasting helps in some cases: it speeds up generation of new cells and metabolism.

“It’s good because we need to boost our immune system, but we need to know at what point we need to fast,” he says.

However, “those suffering from any illness — like tuberculosis — and you are eating normally, you will still lose weight and possibly become underweight. What if you add fasting on top of that?”


“If fasting has to be done, it has to be under the guidance of a nutritionist. That way, even if someone is taking only one or two meals a day, we can ensure that the daily dietary allowance is met. If you are able to meet that daily, it is okay,” he said.

Mr Ng’ethe warns though, that information such as one’s family medical history has to be taken into account before the radical diet is allowed.

It is also difficult to sustain weight lost in a short time.

Ms Muturi, for instance, was unable to sustain the diet and eventually regained the weight she had lost — she is now 94kg, five kilos shy of her original weight.

To maintain healthy weight, the nutritionist advises, aim to eat plenty of vegetables, moderate amounts of food, avoid sugary beverages, exercise and above all, be disciplined in your eating.

Top Govt Official Who Predicted Likoni Accident a Year Before Tragedy

Fresh details emerged on Thursday, October 3, about a top government official who had warned Kenyans of an impending tragedy at Likoni Channel.

According to a report by The Standard, Auditor General Edward Ouko, in one of his audits, had predicted that the weakening pulleys at the ferry would, one day, cause a tragedy and a year later it came to pass.

In the report, Ouko cited the weakness of the pulleys and plows which are meant to protect passengers from sliding into the ocean.

The report had also highlighted a high level of rot at the parastatal with as high as Ksh400 million already misappropriated, some of which could have solved the issue of the failing pulleys.

Auditor General Edward Ouko who had predicted that the instability of pulleys and plows on Likoni Ferry
Outgoing Auditor General Edward Ouko had predicted that the instability of pulleys and plows on Likoni Ferry would one day lead to tragedy.

“It was observed that most of the pulleys on most ferries are defective thus causing the plows to be submerged in water when the ferries are moving. This endangers both pedestrians and motorists.

“The company has not insured all ferries for third-party liability, therefore it would be difficult for the company to settle liabilities in case of an accident which requires compensation,” Ouko’s report read in part.

Last Sunday, September 29, Ouko’s worst fears came true after a car plunged into the ocean and killed a mother, Mariam Kighenda, and her four-year-old daughter, Amanda.

So heartbreaking was the accident that the state, despite Ouko’s warning, was still unprepared to take care of the situation so much that four days later, the deceased bodies are yet to be retrieved.

The family, as a result, resorted to using their own resources after the government suspended the retrieval efforts for the third time.

Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. Their vehicle rolled and plunged into the Indian Ocean while the ferry was midstream.
Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. Their vehicle rolled and plunged into the Indian Ocean while the ferry was midstream.

Miguna Launches Fiery Attack On Nyong’o

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna on Thursday, September 3, came out armed with a bastion of scathing claims against Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyong’o.

Miguna, who often uses social media to attack Kenyan leaders he often describes as despots, trained his guns on the governor with an array of accusations, a practice that has come to characterise his forced stay in Canada.

“Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o is wealthy. He stole hundreds of millions of public money when he was Health Minister. He has been stealing millions of public money as Kisumu Governor,” the barrister claimed on social media.

Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyongo. He is accused of looting of looting public funds by lawyer Miguna Miguna.
Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyongo. He is accused of looting public funds by lawyer Miguna Miguna.

“The High Court convicted him of contempt for grabbing land from his nephews. Yet, he starved his driver for 8 hours between Nairobi and Kisumu,” Miguna added, this time claiming that Nyong’o was selfish enough to deny his own driver a meal during working hours. 

In the Facebook post, Miguna claimed that after ordering his driver to chauffeur him from Nairobi to Kisumu, the governor stayed aloof unbothered by his driver’s supposed hunger. 

“The driver was not allowed a break which is against the law. He was not permitted a stop to buy his own food,” Miguna added. 

To support his hilarious claims, Miguna fronted a photo taken from a newspaper gossip column whose headlined, ‘Miserly governor starves his driver while on the long trip’.

“The driver expected the big man would buy him lunch in Nakuru. But alas! There was no food and the driver kept moving while hoping they would get to a hotel along the way and have a meal,” reads part of the publication. 

The driver is said to have only consumed roasted maize in Kericho and to have his hopes of finally enjoying a meal once in the county dashed when the governor supposedly told him the roasted maize was enough food for him.  

According to Miguna Miguna, Nyong'os driver was not allowed a break which is against the law. Inset Governor Nyong'o.
Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o was on the crosshairs of exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna who posted a number of allegations against him on social media including a reference to a gossip column.

Starehe Girls closed indefinitely over ‘mysterious disease’

Starehe Girls High School in Nairobi has been closed indefinitely.

This comes barely two days after reports emerged that some students had been quarantined after exhibiting signs of a strange, unidentified illness.

A press statement released on Tuesday, October 1, stated that each of the quarantined students had a high pitched cough and sneeze, as well as low-grade fever.

“52 girls have since been isolated for observation within the school. Samples have been obtained for further tests. Their parents and guardians have been informed, and the school is in constant communication with them,” read an excerpt of the school’s official statement.

The learning institution informed parents, guardians and stakeholders, that they were working with the Health Ministry and the department of Integrated Disease Surveillance Response (IDRS) to establish the cause of the strange disease.

more to follow…

SGR Unveils Stringent Rules After Unflattering Photos Go Viral

The Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) was forced to issue a statement to its passengers after viral photos from an SGR passenger train caused uproar online exposing apparent laxity in the state organ.

KRC through their Twitter handle on Wednesday, October 2, reiterated that any foodstuff and beverages from outside would not be allowed into their commuter trains – an existing rule that often was ignored by passengers.

They warned that any passengers found carrying the banned items would have them confiscated without a chance to repossess them.

Kenya Railways notice on Prohibiting beverages and foodstuff on the train. Photo: Twitter
Kenya Railways Corporation’s notice to customers Prohibiting beverages and foodstuff on the train.

Speaking to, KRC stated that the move to issue the notice was because informed by the need to tighten security.

They also confirmed that they would be providing food at the station and on the train if the passengers needed it during the journey.

The decision is however likely to have been prompted by the photos of a group of youth travellers on the SGR went viral exposing the laxity by the corporation to enforce its own rules.

In the pictures that went viral on September 26, rowdy passengers were seen heavily drinking on the train with the cabin they were in looking grossly untidy with unsightly litter-strewn across the tables.

In another picture, a passenger is seen passed out with mucus and saliva trickling out of his orifices.

One passenger who was on board the train from Mombasa to Nairobi posted the pictures with a long post on Facebook complaining of the incident they went through.

According to the post, the two passengers were shouting at other commuters while insulting and making fun of them in their mother tongue.

They also vomited in the cabin making other passengers uncomfortable which led to the commuter wondering how alcohol had been allowed into the train.

Passengers pictured heavily drinking on an SGR train on September 29, 2019. Photo: Twitter.
Passengers pictured heavily drinking on an SGR train on September 29, 2019. Photo:

Teen makes about-turn after shocking court with guilty plea to rape

A 19-year-old casual labourer charged with robbery with violence admitted to raping his victim but changed mind and denied the charges after members of public in court expressed shock.

Zakayo Musyoki allegedly ambushed the woman and violently robbed her of her phone valued at Sh3, 999 at knife-point in the wee hours of September 26 in Kahawa West.

He then dragged her into a roadside drainage where he raped her while threatening her with a knife.

Musyoki fled thereafter and the victim sought help from a bodaboda who took her to Maziwa police post. On the way, they spotted Musyoki and alerted a police officer.


The officer arrested the suspect and allegedly found him with the woman’s phone. The phone has been kept as an exhibit in the case.

The woman had gone to meet her husband who was traveling to Nairobi.

Musyoki denied the charges before Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.

He was freed on a surety bond of Sh500,000. The case will be mentioned on October 16.

Why Kenyans are threatening to boycott Mashujaa Day celebrations

Kenyans on Twitter have launched a campaign to boycott this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations which will be held at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park in Mombasa on October 20, 2019.

The campaign stems from the Netizens’ dissatisfaction with the slow pace of the search operation for the bodies of the two victims of last weekend’s ferry tragedy at Likoni Channel.

A multi-agency team that comprises divers and other experts from Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services Ltd, Kenya Ports Authority, the Kenya Coast Guard service and Kenya Marine and Fisheries research institute started launched the mission on Tuesday.

But two days later, the bodies of Mariam Kidenga, 35, and her four-year-old daughter, Amanda Mutheu, have not been retrieved.

The two drowned after their vehicle slid off MV Harambee ferry and plunged into the Indian Ocean on Sunday evening.

The slow pace of the recovery mission is what has angered the online community which is now calling for a boycott to the annual Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho@Karanjakibicho

Our uniformed forces have intensified rehearsals for this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, Mombasa. This will be the first time in our history that the Kenya Navy will give the National Salute to the President.

5765:11 PM – Sep 30, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy1,341 people are talking about this

Shaniz Kiky@ShanizKiky

We will boycott Mashujaa Day, This is Kenya Coast Guard which was launched recently. Unfortunately their main work is watching how waves move in the ocean. #BoycottMashujaaDay

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3538:21 AM – Oct 2, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy137 people are talking about this

Felix Muthugumi@FelixMuthugumi

Practising what they do but kwa ground things are different.#LikoniFerryTragedy#BoycottMashujaaDay

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These beautiful souls are 20M down in Indian ocean, the top leadership is silent. Why torment the souls this much? They didn’t deserve to die. #BoycottMashujaaDay #BoycottMashujaaDay #BoycottMashujaaDay

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Daniel Omondi @omondii_ · 19h

Kenya Ferry Services have banned Musa from stepping near the rescue operations. Musa is the guy who located the drown vehicle yesterday and revealed that there are more than 10 vehicles submerged and rotting. Shame on you KFS & Kenya Navy. #LikoniFerryTragedy #BoycottMashujaaDay

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Daniel Omondi @omondii_


In 2018, Kenya Ferry Services was given 78million for installation of security cameras on its vessels. Upto date, NO single CCTV camera has been seen in any of the vessels at #LikoniFerry. Corruption will kill this country! #LikoniFerryTragedy #BoycottMashujaaDay

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The Likoni ferry tragedy has exposed just how useless the recently launched coast guard is,the mediocrity of Kenya navy,the incompetency of Kenya ferry services management,the government has no regard to the safety of it’s citizens! #BoycottMashujaaDay

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ping pong official @pauliddiali

When Westgate was under attack we watched helplessly as people were butchered,Garissa attack the same, recently precious talent schl it ws bodaboda riders who were the rescuers as police showed up with AK47 n radio calls.
I have nothing to celebrate my friend!#BoycottMashujaaDay

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Three vehicles and motorcycle stolen in Kenya recovered in Tanzania

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have recovered three vehicles and a motorcycle believed to have been stolen from Kenya in Tanzania.

DCI said they recovered the vehicles and motorcycle at various locations in Tanzania after a four-day operation in the neighbouring country.

The recovered vehicles are a Toyota AXIO (KCH 608S), Toyota ISIS (KCV 145L) and a Mitsubishi lorry FH (KBU 418C).

The recovered motorcycle is a red Boxer (reg no. KMEM 280Z).

According to the police, the motorcycle is believed to have been stolen from Muthangari Police Station.

The recovered vehicles and motorcycle are being held at the DCI offices in Taveta awaiting identification by the rightful owners.

The police said that further investigations by Interpol detectives is ongoing.

Innolatex recalls Sure condoms in Kenya over quality

The manufacturer of Sure lubricated condoms has issued a product recall over quality concerns.

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa), which distributed the condoms in the country, in a letter to stakeholders asked for cooperation in the return process.

“Lifeline Laboratories is recalling the product due to quality issues,” Kemsa’s assurance manager Dr John Aduda said in the letter dated September 12, 2019.

The affected condoms have batch numbers 17DN754 and 17DN052 and are set to expire between December 2021 and December 2022.

A Lifeline Laboratories spokesperson said that they had been contracted by the Thailand-based manufacturer, Innolatex Limited, to do the recall.

Consumers have been advised to check the brand name and date on the packaging material and foil wrapping to see if they are in possession of the potentially defective condoms.

Should one find the condoms match the affected batch numbers they are advised to immediately stop using them.


Condoms are preferred for the dual role of being both a contraceptive method and a barrier against sexually transmitted infections, but their success is tied to correct and consistent use.

However, faulty condoms can increase the chances of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

In general, take the following precautions before using a condom:

  1. Make sure that the condom is in its original wrapping.
  2. Only use condoms from legitimate condom makers that use the appropriate materials. 
  3. Check the expiration data.
  4. Do not store condoms where they may be scrunched or bent.
  5. Check for any defects on the condom.